Brief on Void Salmon in Stardew Valley

If you are hearing void salmon for the first time then don’t worry you are no stranger to this rare fish until you know where you can find it. Void salmon is generally found in the witch’s swamp filled with void energy. This will be an informative post about Stardew valley void salmon.

What and where to get void salmon in Stardew Valley?

A void salmon is a fish that can only be found in the witch’s swamp through the cave beside the train platform. It can be found during any season and in all kinds of weather. In order to access  Witch’s Swamp, the player must have to complete the Dark Talisman Quest from the Wizard. Once you get access to the witch’s swamp, players can return whenever they want.

Image credits: stardewvalley wiki

What are the prices for void salmon?

Void salmon can be sold at a base price of 150g, silver quality will get you 187, and gold quality will get you 225g. Stardew valley void salmon can be caught in the size range of 24-66 inches. 

Image credits: stardewvalley wiki

Healing effect of Void salmon

If you are looking for using void salmon to boost yourself, then you should know that it will gain 63 energy and 28 health when you consume it if you have caught a normal one. The healing effect of other silvers, gold, and iridium stars is shown in the image below.  

Image credits: stardewvalley wiki

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can you get other gold and iridium stars void salmon?

A: According to a Reddit user named Lord_Sicarious, You need to fish from the right spot. The best spot is diagonally right and down from the door of the Witch’s hut, in the first corner in that direction – just below the title with a few red spots on it. Cast as far out to the right as possible, you’ll get Gold Star easily, and Iridium Star on a Perfect Catch.

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Other factors to catch an iridium star void salmon?

To get iridium quality you’ll want to aim for a perfect catch while casting out the line as far as possible from the shoreline. A higher fishing level will help for casting distance, but you’ll want to do this in combination with standing in the right spot.

Does max casting your fishing rod to give you the best quality fish?

A: As far away from land in any direction, maximum distance from the player is not always the best way unless you’re fishing in the ocean.

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