Stardew valley Train: Time slot, locations and much more that you need to know

A train is passing through Stardew valley, the notification pings, and while you are busy doing your tasks in the game. The Stardew Valley Train is a part of the game that lures many. And since there is a railroad a train is imminent. On occasions, you might note a train showing up on the railroad track. The track is located on the north of the Spa. Now how is this information useful for you? So there are chances that you might get some resource that the train is carrying if you are present near the railroad track while the train in Stardew valley is passing through. Through this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about trains in Stardew valley. 

There might be a lot of questions in your mind regarding the train, let’s clear this one by one. But before we move on to the FAQs, here is a little brief about the train in Stardew valley that will clear out most of your doubts. 

Stardew Valley Train – Things to Note

The train is important in the game because whenever you get a notification, it means you are going to get free resources. In general, when you get the notification that a train is passing through Stardew Valley, it means that if you move to the area to the north of the Spa, you will come across a train passing on the railroad. When the train is passing it drops resources such as coal, and other valuable items. If you are lucky and you are present near the railroad track, you might be lucky enough to get these items.

“ You can access the train after the 3rd summer of the first year when an earthquake clears the blockade.”

However, you must note that you cannot board the train in Stardew valley. If you happen to stand on the railroad tracks you will take damage. Also, if you bump into the train while it is crossing, you will take damage. Moreover, when a train is passing through Stardew valley it will cut off the entrance route toward the Witch Hut and the access to it. Let’s have a look at some vital information about Stardew Valley Train.

Types of Trains in Stardew Valley

When you regularly encounter the Train in Stardew Valley, you will see that there are several different types of trains that cross through the railroad. Most commonly, you will find the trains having cars that are carrying resources like Coal, Wood, stone, etc… While occasionally you might also see cars with graffiti on the sides. At times you will see the train has passenger cars too. Based on the appearance, car type, and either factor, here are some of the train types in Stardew valley.

  • Dark Grey Train With Joja logos on the car sides
  • Passenger Train
  • Normal Resource Train 9 (Move at twice the speed of the normal trains)
  • Blue Train With Barred Windows ( 2X Movement Speed)
  • Red Winter Train (Contains presents, runs only in Winter Season)

Note: You can get stuck between the running train and the station platform. This will result in you losing health repeatedly and eventually passing out.

Items Dropped by the Stardew Valley Train while passing through

A Player can get a good amount of items from train drops. These items are hard to find in Stardew valley. However, if you manage to be present next to the railroad while the train is passing you will be able to collect these items. Let’s have a look at the items dropped by the train in Stardew Valley.

  • Coal
  • Geodes
  • Iron Ore
  • Leprechaun Shoes
  • Wood, etc …

It must be noted that you can acquire these items whenever you get the notification. All you have to do is, go to the railroad bridge and collect these items …

“A player doesn’t have to be present next to the train while it is passing through to the Stardew valley to collect the items. However, the dropped items disappear overnight, so they need to collect it beforehand.”

The train will pass through the Stardew valley even if the game is paused and it will drop the items simultaneously. You must ensure that you collect these items before they disappear.

Stardew Valley Train Timing

The train schedule in Stardew valley is something that has not been revealed by the makers yet. Also, none of the players have been able to make out a schedule list for the same. The arrival of the train at the station in Stardew valley is Random and no mechanism has been able to guess it.

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It’s best to invest time in games rather than figuring out when the train will arrive. You get ample time to collect the drops.

Important Area near the Stardew Valley Railroad

  • Train Platform 
  • The Spa
  • Witch’s Swamp
  • The summit


The train in Stardew valley is a notable part of the game. However, you must know that the railroad can get you some good forageable items. Also, it is mostly safe from villagers destroying it. Only a few villagers visit these areas and hence the chances of these items being destroyed are comparatively less.

We hope that the information on the Stardew valley train was sufficient for you. If you wish to know more about other components or the gameplay of Stardew valley, stay connected. Do leave feedback in the comment box below.

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