Where to Catch Stardew Valley Tiger Trout

When you have so many fishes to catch with all different timings and individual schedules, it becomes quite challenging to know details about all types of fishes, including both common and legendary fishes. Compared to other fishes, the Stardew valley tiger trout is more available to catch compared to other rare fishes, and it appears in two seasons.

Stardew valley Tiger Trout location

The tiger trout only appears when specific conditions are met. That means most people will not be able to find this unless they are in the right spot at the right time. Tiger Trout can only be caught in the River, and unlike most normal catches, this one cannot be caught anywhere else in the game, even if you have the wilderness farm.

Tiger trout has no specific weather requirements and as mentioned earlier, it only appears in two seasons. which is the fall and winter seasons. The best spot for you to get this fish will be in the be the river in the main town, on the bridge to the blacksmith client in a specified time between 6 am and 7 pm. Additionally, it has a difficulty rating of 60, making it a bit harder to catch than some of the other fish in the river.

Where to Catch Stardew Valley Tiger Trout

What Are the Prices for Tiger Trout?

There is a base price of 150g, 187g for the silver quality, 225g for the gold quality, and 300g for iridium quality. The size of a Crimsonfish varies between 10 and 21 inches.

tiger trout prices

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Healing Effect of Tiger Trout

You can use tiger trout to heal yourself even though the heal amount is pretty less, when you consume it, it will allow you to gain 25 energy and 11 health. it’s better to sell this fish than consume it. The healing effect of other silvers, gold, and iridium stars is shown in the image below,

Tiger trout healing effect

More About Tiger Trout Stardew Valley

Except for the possible notice on the help board, the Tiger Trout isn’t used for any quests. However, the Tiger Trout is necessary for the Community Center to complete the fish bundle.

Tiger trout can be requested occasionally for 150G per fish. The perk of this quest is that you get to keep the fish after you show them to Willy. Tiger Trout is not popular in Pelican Town, so it is viewed as a negative gift. Except for Willy, only four villagers will have anything more than a neutral reaction to the fish. You will lose friendship points if you gift tiger trout to the villagers. 

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