How to Catch the Stardew Valley Squid | Added Quest

In case you are tired of catching the same fishes like Anchovy, Carp, Herring, and several others, then you will enjoy catching the Stardew Valley Squid. Ever wondered that you will be getting a squid in the game? Well yes! If you are looking to add this fish to your collection then check out this guide to know more about this creature and the added quest that comes with the squid. 

Brief on Stardew Valley Squid

Stardew Valley Squid as the description states “A deep-sea creature that can grow to enormous size.” is a deep-sea creature, making its rarity minimal in a particular season. You can catch this Squid fish only in the ocean, and not anywhere apart from the ocean, so you should avoid going to fish for a Squid in freshwaters. You can catch it only in the evening during the winter. 

stardew valley squid

Another way you can catch a squid is by trying the trash cans when your luck is in your favor.

The Stardew Valley Squid has a difficulty rating of 75, just 5 points below that of legendary fish called mutant carp and 10 points to Stardew valley Crimsonfish which means it is pretty tough to catch.

This is our suggestion for catching squid and other legendary fish, considering it to be a tough catch.

  • It is best to catch these fish using an iridium rod because some of the rare/legendary Stardew valley fish are very hard to catch with ordinary fishing rods.
  • Watch the fortune teller on TV and then go fishing when your luck is good
  • Bait is a must and should be used. Baits cannot be used on a normal rod. It has to be iridium, fiberglass, or inserted into a crab pot.

Fishing equipment's

The curious case of Stardew Valley Midnight Squid – Catch a Squid

You get this quest with a text: “Willy is challenging you to catch a squid. He says you can fish them from the ocean on winter nights”

You receive it by mail on the second day of the winter season, for which Willy awards you 800g and 1 friendship point. This short guide will explain how to complete the ‘catch a squid’ story quest, and when it appears in-game.

This quest can only be triggered once you reach winter. 

  • The prospects for this are pretty tricky. But here’s what you should know about this QuestYou can catch squids only in one area. That’s down at the beach closer to Willy’s shack. In addition, the squids can only be caught
    (a) in wintertime and
    (b) only during the night from 6 pm to 2 am
  • This means you will only have 28 days in a year to complete the quest.
  • The squid is a sly creature, and even if one is on your hook, it can take several attempts to land it. Having some levels of fishing proficiency allows this to go more smoothly fishing. Furthermore, you should practice fiberglass rod and bait as well.
  • Wait until the lights go out to catch Squids. The event will take place between 7 pm and 8 pm. After this happens, head to the docks near Willy’s store and start fishing. You have to keep fishing until you catch a squid.

Stardew valley squid location

  • Remember to check the time often to ensure that you won’t pass out at 2 am. You will wake up next to your bed if you pass out, and Joja Corporation will send you a bill. Therefore, to avoid all of this, head home as soon as the clock strikes 1 am so you will have plenty of time to get home before you pass out.
  • Bring Willy the squid once you have caught it. However, he often comes home very late at night, so if you have fished off his dock, hurry to him before he leaves for bed.

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Finishing Up

Squids are hard to locate on the first try, and this quest can be very tiresome. Despite that, your efforts will not go unrewarded. When you give Willy the squid, he will reward you with 800 gold via your journal, so Happy squidding!. 

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