How to Build a Silo in Stardew Valley

A Stardew Valley Silo is a farm building that you can purchase from the carpenter owner who is ‘Robin’, In most of the week you can meet Robin between 9 am and 5 pm which takes two days to construct. Your Stardew valley silo will cost 100 gold, 100 stone, 5 copper bars, and 10 clay. 

About Stardew Valley Silo

Be it for your chicken coop, or if you want to keep track of how much hay your animals have, a Stardew Valley silo takes care of everything. Unlike other structures that you build, a silo is huge which takes up a three by three space of your land and it might need your creativity in placing the structure to your convenience, as all structures make work easier in Stardew valley.

Stardew valley silo specifications

Our take on Stardew valley silo placement would be

Place them anywhere on your farm as long as it’s near your house or your barn and make sure that it doesn’t block easy routes between the three exits. 


Tips: If you are having a hard time coming up with the clay then you should look for wormy artifact spots. They drop two or more clay much often.

wormy spots

More Details on Stardew Valley Silo

  • It can store 240 hay inside of it. You will be able to know about the current amount in the silo that is by interacting with it.
  •  After you have got a silo on your farm, If you cut grass with your scythe, there’s a 50% chance to drop hay which automatically goes to the silo. Other than the scythe, if you use a pickaxe, sword, or any other items it won’t be counted. Alternatively, you can just also purchase from Marnie’s ranch for 50 gold or by harvesting wheat.
  • You can access your hay that is stored in the silo through the hay hoppers located inside coops and barns.


Common Stardew Valley Silo Suggestions

  • If you compare silos to other buildings, it takes very few resources to build and allows you to store hay to meet the needs of your animals.
  • Silos come very handily during the winter season when all the grass dies, so it is recommended to cut as much grass as you can by the end of the fall.
  • Only a scythe will give you a 50% chance to drop hay
  • You can check the current amount of hay stored in the silo through the Farm computer.
  • If you are aiming to get multiple silos then you can store your hay in the chest box until you have finished building. 

Common FAQ’S

How can you take hay from your silo to feed your chickens?

A: You can pick up the hay from the top left and then place it in the feeding station to your right, then place 4 pieces of hay in the coop to feed your chickens.

How can you unlock your silo?

A: It is a common query that players come up with that is simple and it’s right in front of your eyes- try using the yellow triangles under the image to cycle through the build options, after you have found out about it, you can relax and take rest, taking rest is good except for that fact, by the time you are sleeping you could have completed two more seasons. Hah! Kidding!

Silo next

How can you find more grass if by the time the grass respawns?

A: You can always buy grass starter from Pierre

How can you put hay back into your silo?

A: Just click on the silo with the hay in hand and it transports back into the silo.

Does Stardew valley silo location matter? 

A: It doesn’t matter as it has no range restrictions and you can place it anywhere. 


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