Stardew valley Linus Basket: Where to find?

Stardew Valley is filled with different quests that you get from different villagers, and that is the fun part about this game. You get to complete these quests and upon completion, you get rewarded. The quests you get can be tracked and seen in your journal. There are two ways to receive quests. One is that you get on a bulletin board which you can find outside of Pierre’s General store and the other one is story quests, which are typically received in the mail.  Considering how you can check your quests, there are some quests that people find difficult to complete. One such quest is Stardew Valley Linus Basket missing.

Brief About Stardew Valley Linus Basket Quest

This quest comes under the illusion of being difficult but actually, it’s pretty simple hence, People consider it to be a difficult one because there are no indications, no clues of where the basket will be. There is also no mention of the basket by the townspeople not even from Linus.

Linus is regarded as one of the most important non-player characters. Linus comes to help if ever you are in trouble inside the mine if you pass out or get injured. Linus will rescue and carry you out.

This guide will give you details of the quest for how to find the Linus basket Stardew valley and what you need to do to complete it.

Stardew Valley Linus Basket

Linus is one of the different and interesting characters that you will find in Stardew Valley, often known as the outsider who lives in a tent. You can consider him loving the company of nature better than the people around him. He has certain tools that help him survive his unique lifestyle, one of which is his basket, in which he collects blackberries in the fall.

further, If you are looking forward to increasing your friendship points with Linus, you can help him in finding his missing Blackberry Basket. You generally get this quest through a letter explaining what he lost and therefore requesting you to retrieve his basket. You get this letter on the 8th of fall when he loses his basket. 

Where to Find Linus Basket Stardew Valley?

The location of this basket is weird as well as simple. It is in such a place where nobody would expect. 

Stardew Valley linus basket

  • The first thing to do is to head to the right exit of your farm, move to the bus station. 
  • Head into the tunnel on your left where you will lead a path to a solid dead end.
  • At the end of the road, you will find a berry basket that will be stained with blackberry juice, and that is Linus’s lost basket.
  • Pick up the basket and head over to where Linus lives which is in a tent above Robin’s house and on the way to mining. 
  • Just walk up to him and he will automatically take the basket from your inventory and in return, he replies with thank you for returning it to him, and upon completion, you will get 1 friendship point with Linus.

stardew valley Linus basket

FAQ / People Also Ask | Stardew Valley Linus Basket

1.Redditor goes by the name KotteKun sold his basket without realizing that the basket would be needed for the blackberry quest. He even tried going to the same spot but it wasn’t there.

A: Redditor Chopporoo replied: You can try by using item code cheat, Berry’s Basket code is 790. The way to use this cheat is to name your animal [790] as you’re buying it from Marnie and as she says its name the item should appear in your inventory.

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2.What if you accidentally gifted Linus’ basket to another NPC?

A: If you haven’t slept yet, you can just exit without saving, this will undo your actions.

3.Need Hint: finding the basket without knowing the accurate location

A: You got to outrun the bus if you want to find your basket


Therefore, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring it out on your own you can complete your quest with the information provided as it can be quite challenging to figure out where the missing basket is. If you want to have fun figuring out with no clues then I would suggest going to every area in Stardew valley and looking in every nook and corner.


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