Where to Find Stardew Valley Catfish?

When it comes to comparing fishing with other activities, fishing requires time to master as there is plenty of fish available for you to catch. If you have this interest in catching new rare fishes and mastering your fishing proficiency, then you will love catfish. Stardew valley catfish as mentioned in the wiki is one of the uncommon fish. 

Where to Find Catfish in Stardew Valley?

The Stardew valley catfish will appear multiple times and in multiple places during the game. Catfish are primarily found in rivers. It can only be caught during the spring and fall while it is raining although you can catch it at any time of the day.

You can also catch catfish if you choose the Riverside or Hilltop farming plots. You must still catch it while it is raining, but it can also be caught during the seasons listed above. Catfish can also be found in garbage cans around Pelican Town. Catfish can only be acquired in the Winter and garbage cans do not produce Catfish during the Summer. Catfish will also be available from the Witch’s Swamp later in the game during Fall and Spring.

catfish location

How to Catch Catfish in Stardew Valley?

As this fish is an uncommon fish, you will find catfish only in the freshwater setting hence you won’t be able to fish in the ocean. Stardew catfish has a difficulty rating of 75, just 5 points below that of legendary fish called mutant carp which means it is pretty tough to catch. Considering it as a tough one here is our suggestion for catching catfish as well as if you are looking for other legendary fish.

  • It is preferable to catch these fishes with an iridium rod because some rare/legendary Stardew valley fishes can be caught the farther you cast which is unavailable with your normal fishing rod.
  • Always watch the fortune teller on TV and then go fishing when your luck is high
  • Baits are a must and recommended. You cannot use baits on your normal rod. It has to be iridium, fiberglass or inserted into a crab pot.

What Are the Prices for Stardew Valley Catfish?

The Catfish earns a good profit despite a 200G base price. The Catfish can be worth an incredible 450G per fish with the Angler skill at the gold-star level. When requested on the help wanted board, the fish will net you 600G and 150 friendship points from the villager you deliver it to. 

Prices catfish

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Healing effect of Stardew valley catfish

The catfish is not a great gift but it does provide a lot of energy. You get 50 energy and 22 health at its lowest point, and 90 energy and 40 health at its best point.

healing catfish


You should know about these things before you go fishing for Stardew Valley Crimsonfish, as it will improve your chances of catching this fish.

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