Brief Stardew Valley Birthdays & Gift Guides

On a once in a year occasion, who doesn’t love a nice birthday gift? A feeling of being special on the day, getting gifts from your loved ones and friends, same happens in Stardew Valley. You are someone that knows what gifts you like or love and what you hate and don’t like. Except in Stardew Valley, this metrics is measured in points. So in this blog post, let’s dive deep into the Stardew Valley Birthdays guide.

Gifting on somebody’s birthday gives you a large boost in friendship points (to be specific 8x effect) and also pops up a new dialogue. In case you have already given them 2 gifts for the week, you can still give them a present on their birthday. 

Stardew Valley Birthdays Calendar

Usually, after you are done gifting it will show them as only having one of their two gift limits, but then if you gift another it will result in a dialogue saying you have reached your limit. But if the NPC is your spouse you can give them gifts. However, do not forget their birthday, as this will result in you losing a friendship point. 

Let’s take a look at Stardew Valley characters’ birthdays in every season.

Stardew valley spring Birthdays

Stardew valley spring birthdays starts with 

  • Kent’s birthday (4th)
  • Lewis (7th)
  • Vincent (10th)
  • Haley (14th)
  • Pam (18th)
  • Shane (20th)
  • Pierre (26th)
  • And lastly Emily (27th) 

Stardew valley summer birthdays

Stardew valley summer birthdays starts with

  • Jas (4th)
  • Gus (8th)
  • Maru (10th)
  • Alex (13th)
  • Sam (17th)
  • Demetrius (19th)
  • Dwarf (22nd)
  • Willy (24th)

Stardew valley fall birthdays

Stardew valley fall birthdays starts with 

  • Penny’s (2nd) 
  • Elliott (5th)
  • Jodi (11th)
  • Abigail (13th)
  • Sandy (15th)
  • Marine (18th)
  • Robin (21st) 
  • George (24th)

Stardew valley Winter birthdays

Stardew valley winter birthdays starts with 

  • Krobus (1st)
  • Linus (3rd)
  • Caroline (7th)
  • Sebastian (10th)
  • Harvey (14th) 
  • Wizard (17th) 
  • Evelyn (20th)
  • Leah (23rd) 
  • Clint (26th)

Once you get to know about these NPC Birthdays, it will become easy to get the right gifts. Are you bothered about what gifts to give and what to avoid? Let’s have a brief talk about Stardew Valley gift guides


Brief on Stardew valley birthday gift guide

Every Stardew Valley character has their own tastes when it comes to giving gifts. 

You need to know about Universal gifts and various metrics while gifting someone are

  • A loved reaction gift will get you +80 friendship points
  • A liked reaction gift will get you +45 points
  • A neutral reaction gift will get you +20 points
  • A disliked reaction gift will get you -20 points
  • A hated reaction gift will get you -40 points

If you want to marry someone or want to increase friendship points quickly, then make sure to grab the easy 640 points by gifting a loved gift. Since birthday gifts have an 8x birthday boost effect, A loved gift = 80 x 8= 640. Quite a good deal, right?

You can grab these points on either somebody’s birthday or secret Santa (5x). It also depends on the item quality that is, silver increases points by 10%, gold by 25%, and iridium by 50%. 

Summing up

We recommend you never give villagers universally hated gifts, such as artifacts, trash, monster loot, or bait. Dwarfs, on the other hand, would appreciate all your Dwarf items. You now know almost everything you need to know about birthday gifts, so you can build a  friendship or even impress your loved one!

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