Stardew Valley Best Greenhouse Layout: How to Build

Stardew Valley is a famous farming simulation game, and as the genre suggests farming is one of the most essential skills. Farming skill is usually associated with planting, growing and harvesting crops alongside taking care of farm animals. One such important Building for farming is a greenhouse, as it aims to maximize your profit for time investment. The greenhouse is a perfect solution also enhancing having a steady income. It is generally nice to have if you want to grow large quantities of ancient fruit, starfruit, harvest fruit trees year-round. In this article, you will get to know about Stardew valley best greenhouse layout.


Before Knowing Stardew Valley Best Greenhouse Layout, What Is a Stardew Valley Greenhouse?

Stardew valley greenhouse is a building that is present on the farm from the very beginning. Besides, initially, you won’t be able to access it as it is unusable. In a greenhouse, you can plant, grow and harvest crops equally like normal farming except in a greenhouse you can plant crops at any time of the year with no seasonal crop barriers. Similarly, there won’t be a requirement to buy a scarecrow even.

Despite having the benefit of planting seasonal crops, you still have to water the plants even during rainy days. You can also refill your watering cans, at the north side where the water trails if you stand on its east side your can will automatically refill. Crops continuously regrow even after the season ends.


What Are the Stardew Valley Greenhouse Requirements?

You can repair the greenhouse building by completing the pantry bundles for the community center. Pantry bundles include summer, spring, fall, quality crops, animals, and artisan bundles. As well as you can purchase from the Jojo community development projects for 35000 gold.

After repairing it you can move by visiting the carpenter shop (Robin). The interior of the building features a 10-row by 12-row column of land.

Moving on to Stardew valley greenhouse layout.

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What Are Some of the Stardew Valley Best Sprinkler Layout?

Using Automated sprinklers is pretty convenient as well as important. You will have to sacrifice some soil tiles to place the sprinklers. Finally, the growing area of crops for any sprinkler is too large to focus on the center from the edge. As a result, the 12 by 10 shape of the farmable area won’t be covered only with square shapes of sprinkler watering.

Some sprinklers are bound to be placed on the wooden border, while iridium sprinklers take 4 crop spaces, and quality sprinklers take 12 crop spaces.

4 iridium sprinklers and 8 quality sprinklers


Sprinkler layout
Some Sprinkler layout ideas


Stardew Valley Best Tree Layout

I wouldn’t be surprised if you also didn’t know that it is possible to plant trees in a greenhouse. It is possible to grow around 18 numbers of trees inside the greenhouse. For an efficient placement, you can plant trees on every third block around the crop area. For trees to grow successfully, there should be around two blocks of the gap between every tree.

stardew-valley-greenhouse-trees (1)

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Finally with all the space being used this is what a perfect layout looks like. You can earn more amount of gold in this layout than in any other layouts.

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