How to Get Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit

Stardew Valley has been here for a pretty long time, yet it has maintained its relevance with its various updates and its sweet playstyle. Its unique play style allows players to do anything from farming, fishing, mining to exploring different landscapes while performing countless tasks. Among its many features is the farming system. The purpose of this guide is to explain how to get Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit by finding some ancient seeds before starting to grow them.

While starting the game, players are introduced to their farm where they customize their farm based on their needs and plant a variety of plants for mostly later uses and some easy bucks. Ancient seeds provide ancient fruit that can be used as a gift and as a component for genie pants. You can also use Stardew Valley ancient fruit to make expensive wine which you can sell for 1650g at a bare minimum. Therefore, it is considered a favorite for those who want to earn a lot of gold in a short period of time.

stardew valley ancient seed

How to Get Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit

You will need Stardew Valley ancient seeds before growing ancient fruits. In order to obtain the first batch of ancient seeds, players can visit the Traveling Cart, since there is a very small chance of ancient seeds being in the inventory of the merchant. This will work out if you trust in RNG Jesus !! But if you don’t want to rely solely on RNG then, players can instead try finding this artifact called ÔÇťAncient seed”. You can find these artifact spots in the Cindersap Forest and the Mountains. You can donate this Artifact to the Museum. Gunther will then reward the player with a packet of ancient seeds that can be planted, as well as a recipe that can be used to convert ancient seeds relics into ancient seeds to plant

stardew valley travelling cart
Stardew Valley Travelling Cart

Having acquired some seeds, the player can now plant them on his farm. During the first growth cycle, the plant will grow for 28 days, but once it reaches maturity, the cycle will be reduced to 7 days, and ancient fruit will appear at the end of each cycle. To obtain more ancient fruit seeds, the player can either place the ancient fruit inside a seed maker or utilize the ancient seed recipe.

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What to Do With the Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley?

Ancient fruits have a base value of 550g and can be presented to certain characters as gifts. With starplants, they can be used to make genie pants at a sewing machine. For players who are really interested in making the most of their ancient fruits, they should place their ancient fruits in kegs to produce expensive wine. The value of this wine increases, even more, when it is aged in a cask. Growing ancient fruit can be very profitable due to its 7-day growth cycle.

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