Stardew valley LUAU and What to bring along

About Stardew valley LUAU

Stardew Valley Luau is a recommended Summer festival. During the hours of 9 am to 2 pm, you can enjoy a Luau by entering The Beach. As soon as the Luau ends, the guests are automatically returned to The Farm at 10 pm. Every house and shop is locked during the Luau and cannot be entered.

This festival is also organized around a communal potluck soup that is prepared with ingredients that are added by the villagers. If the player desires, he or she can add the ingredient to the soup. Talking with the mayor can start the soup tasting, and the Governor will judge it accordingly based on the ingredients used to prepare it.

The reaction of the Governor will also affect the friendship points with the villager depending upon the ingredients used in the potluck. Good ingredients used in the soup will result in higher friendship points and vice versa. In spite of this, the soup’s taste cannot affect friendships with the player’s children, the wizard, the dwarf, Sandy, and Krobus.

What is the central feature of Stardew Valley LUAU?


Potluck is the Stardew valley luau soup concocted by villagers, bringing in their own ingredients. However, the players may also add in their own ingredients. The main points to remember are :

  • Only Edible, uncooked items are valid.
  • Additionally, Life Elixir, Oil of Garlic, and Magic Rock Candy cannot be added since they are uncooked but are considered as cooked by the game.
  • A few items like Field Snack and Bug Steak are eligible, however.
  • A player isn’t informed in advance that “Potluck” is soup, nor does it mention the validity of the cooked and inedible items.

It becomes impossible for a player to modify the soup in any way when Mayor Lewis says “I trust you all put high-quality ingredients in the soup this year. We do not want the governor to regret his visit to the valley.” 

The Governor’s reaction can be determined on the three major factors:

  • Base sell price.
  • Item Quality.
  • Edibility (Healing effect).

The Governor will provide you with six different responses ranging from the best to the worst, and players can also unlock one secret response as well.

Follow the table below to change the taste value of the potluck and accordingly get the response from the Governor.

What to Bring for Stardew valley LUAU?


Find out Governor’s 6 Responses along with The Secret Response

Stardew valley governor

Missing Something Response

“Hmmm… Well, it’s not bad, but it’s missing something… Did everyone in town contribute an ingredient to the soup? I feel like it’s missing someone’s unique voice.”

In this scenario the friendship between the player and villager is unaffected.

stardew valley neutral governor response

Best Response

“Oh my… that’s the best soup I’ve ever tasted!” 

This response will earn players 120 friendship points with the villager. Players can achieve it only by using the Silver or Gold/Iridium tier items in the soup.

best response

Good Response

“Ah… that’s a very pleasant soup. The produce from this valley never disappoints!” 

This response will earn players 60 friendship points with the villager. Players can achieve this by using a mix of any items ranging from normal to iridium quality.

good response

Neutral Response

“Hmm… I don’t have much to say about this. It’s an average soup.” 

The friendship points are not affected due to this response. Players can achieve this by mixing items of normal and silver quality.

neutral response

Bad Response

“Um… It’s actually kind of disgusting. I think I’ll pass on the soup this year.” 

This response will cause the players to lose 50 friendship points with the villagers.

The addition of the following items will cause this response:

Anchovy • Blackberry • Carp • Crocus • Daffodil • Field Snack • Green Algae • Herring • Joja Cola • Salmonberry • Seaweed • Spring Onion • Sunfish • Sweet Pea • Unmilled Rice • White Algae • Qi Fruit.

bad response

Worst Response

“Blech! This is vile! I think I’m going to be sick…” 

This response will cause the Governor to pass out and players will lose 100 friendship points with the villagers.

Only the addition of these items will cause this response:

Holly • Pufferfish • Red Mushroom • Sap • Scorpion Carp • Sea Cucumber • Void Mayonnaise

worst response

Secret Response

In a hidden/secret way, if players add Mayor Lewis’ purple shorts to the soup, both the Governor and Mayor will give a unique response. In this scenario the friendship points are unaffected.


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So, be careful when choosing the item quality that can be added to the Stardew valley Luau soup because it impacts its taste and may result in a different Governor’s response. The response will determine whether the friendship point is increased or decreased with regard to the quality of the items utilized to make the soup.


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