How to Catch Stardew Valley Crimsonfish

Stardew valley Crimsonfish is considered one of the 10 legendary fish, which makes it extremely hard to catch. After the 1.5 updates, there are now a total of 10 legendary fish. A legendary fish can only be caught once in a save file as well as once when playing multiplayer. These fish are not like any other fish because they have a specific place and time to be caught. Furthermore, you need to meet certain requirements before catching Crimsonfish. 

Stardew Valley Crimsonfish Tips

  • You will find difficulties if you are using a standard rod. Try getting your hands on an iridium rod before going on for Crimsonfish. If you consider from a scale of easiest fishes to catch, it comes under 2nd or 3rd.
  • Watch the fortune teller on TV so you can fish at the right time when your luck is high.
  • Baits are a must and the recommendation of having a lead bobber, trap bobber, or cork bobber.

Stardew Valley Crimsonfish Location

Stardew valley Crimsonfish can be found on the east pier of the ocean. Getting there, you need to build the bridge on the other side of the ocean which is 300 wood. Just go to the east/right corner of the ocean and start fishing. You will be able to catch this fish during summer.

Crimsonfish Locations
Image credits: ConcernedApe

How to Catch Stardew Valley Crimson Fish

There are special requirements that you need to fulfill in order to catch a Crimsonfish and they are:

  • You need to reach minimum fishing level 5 in order to be able to catch, that can be by using either using fishing buffs or naturally leveling up 
  • You need to be at the far east end of the beach (past the small bridge that requires 300 wood). Any location on the eastern pier will do or any location along the shore east of the pier.
  • The bobber must be positioned in water with a Fishing Zone of at least 3, which means it must be at least four tiles away from any land (including the pier) in every direction.
  • If your bobber lands in Bubbles, you can see a Crimsonfish one tile closer to land (Zone=2). All of these requirements must be met to increase the chances of hooking a Crimsonfish by 18%.

crimsonfish location

What Are the Prices for Stardew Valley Crimsonfish?

There is a base price of 1500g, 1875g for the silver quality, and 2250g for the gold quality. The size of a Crimsonfish varies between 19 and 21 inches.

prices crimson

Healing Effect of Glacierfish

You can use Crimsonfish to boost yourself, and when you consume it, it will allow you to gain 38 energy and 17 health. The healing effect of other silvers, gold, and iridium stars is shown in the image below.

healing crimson

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You should know about these things before you go fishing for Stardew Valley Crimsonfish, as it will improve your chances of catching this fish.


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