How to attach bait in Stardew Valley

If you are playing Stardew valley on a regular basis, then by now you must be aware of how important fishing is in the game. As a player, you get considerable leverage in-game from fishing. But this in-game activity can be a bit tricky. Finding Items in the Stardew valley is simple. But, if you know exactly where you can get these items then things would be much easier and you will level up easily in the game. We have been receiving numerous queries related to  ‘How to attach bait in Stardew Valley?. So, today we are going to tell you everything related to attaching a bait in Stardew valley.

Before we move on to tell you all about the process of attaching the bait for fishing in Stardew Valley, here is a little brief about baits in Stardew Valley.

What is bait? | How to attach bait in Stardew Valley?

Bait is an item in Stardew valley that a player uses to attach to the fishing rod. This allows the player to catch fish easily in-game. You can buy bait from the Fish Shop at a cost of 5 Stardewvalley gold. Alternatively, you can find the bait can be crafted, grown in a Worm Bin, or found in Fishing Treasure Chests in the game. You might also find a fishing bait randomly appearing in the traveling Cart’s stock for 100-1000 Stardew Valley Gold. 

An important point that you must note is that the bait in Stardew Valley has certain criteria of use. One of the most common mistakes that players make is to try to attach the bait to the bamboo fishing pole. You can not use the fishing bait in Stardew Valley with Bamboo Pole.  The bait can only be used with the Fiberglass Rod or the Iridium Rod. These rods unlock at Fishing skill level 2 and Fishing skill level 6 of the game respectively.  Additionally, you can use the bait with Crab Pots too.

What is the use of Bait in Stardew Valley?

Before we go on to tell you more about the use of bait in Stardew valley, here are the prerequisite materials that you must possess to use the bait

Baits are Stardew valley items that are used for fishing in the game. However, despite being available at the shot it is never enough for you. So you have to look out for them at different places too.  Once you have possession of the bait you can use it to catch fishes by attaching it to the in-game fishing rods.

 Using a bait on your rod in Stardew Valley reduces the delay before a nibble by as much as 50 percent.

How to Attach Bait to a rod in Stardew valley?

Attaching a bait to the fishing rod is not NASA Science. It is a pretty simple and straightforward method. To know all about how to attach bait in Stardew Valley on different devices, check the below-mentioned segments.

Attaching Bait in Stardew Valley on PC:

So, to attach bait to your fishing rod (remember that you cannot attach bait to a bamboo rod), you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate to the inventory screen and open it
  • Using the mouse, left-click or right-click on the bait
  • Left-click: To select the whole stack of baits
  • Right-click: To Select one single piece of bait 
  • Next, right-click on the fishing rod to attach the bait to it

how to attach bait in stardew valley

Attaching Bait in Stardew Valley on Xbox:

  • On Xbox, you will need to use your gaming console to attach the bait to the rod
  • Press B to open the inventory
  • Next Press A after navigating to the bait, to select the whole stack
  • Press X to select a single one
  • Next, select the rod and press X to attach the bait

It is to be noted that only one bait is consumed peruse. The remaining bait can be detached by Right-clicking on your rod (On PC) or by pressing X on the Xbox console, in the inventory of the game.

 How to attach bait in Stardew valley on iPhone / iOS?

If you are using an iPhone to play Stardew Valley, you will have to Drag and drop the bait on your fishing rod to attach it. However, there is no known method to de-attach the bait from the rod on iOS.

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That’s all folks

We hope that we were able to help you up with attaching the bait to your fishing rod in the game. However, if you are still somehow unable to attach the bait, then let us know about the problem in the comments section.

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