Brief on Stardew Valley Woodskip

Stardew Valley is a game of endless possibilities, from mining, farming to fishing. If you like the part where you look for rare fishes at different places, then you will like to know about Stardew Valley Woodskip. Like other rare fishes, this fish can be caught during certain times of day or times of the year and in certain locations. 

What and Where to Catch Stardew Valley Woodskip?

A Woodskip is a fish that can be found in only two places, the pond of secret woods and the forest farm (if you have selected forest farm) pond. In the forest farm pond, you can get Woodskip at any time of year. You will mostly find Woodskip thereon only non-rainy days. It has a chance of 15% to 27% of all items caught, depending upon the fishing skill that you have earned. The chance of Woodskip spawning is most likely farther from shore.

You will also find carp in the pond. The chances of Woodskip spawning are higher farther from shore, so always go for a longer cast to ensure you catch Woodskip. You are more likely to catch it if you do this


What Is the Stardew Valley Woodskip Location?

Since you can only catch Woodskip in the pond of secret woods or forest farm pond. If you are unaware of the secret forest, then you can find it to the northwest of the wizard’s house which is blocked by a log. To clear the log you have to obtain a steel Axe, it will help you in breaking it down. After you have entered, you have to fight slime on the way to the small pond where Woodskip is only found. Here you can catch Woodskip during spring during rain or in winter during snowfall. 


What Are the Prices of Stardew Valley Woodskip?

Woodskip can be sold at a base price of 75g, silver quality will get you 93, and gold quality will get you 112g. It also varies according to your fishing skill levels too. Stardew valley void salmon can be caught in the size range of 11-31 inches.


Healing Effect of Stardew Valley Woodskip?

If you are looking for using Woodskip to boost yourself, then you should know that it will gain 25 energy and 11 health which is pretty mediocre if you have caught a normal one. The healing effect of other silvers, gold, and iridium stars is shown in the image below.  


Summing up

To sum it up, if you want to increase your chances of catching Woodskip you can always attach bait to your fishing rods and in order to use bait, you have to level up fishing rods as well as your fishing proficiency to increase your green bar.

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