A Brief Guide to Stardew Valley Sewer

The Stardew valley sewer is located south of Pelican Town. The sewer is the locked location where you usually hear the ghost/whale noise. You can unlock the sewers by getting the sewer key that is known as the rusty key. The Rusty key is generally obtained from the museum curator who is Gunther. It also has one of the most interesting features, namely the statue of Uncertainty along with a chance of getting legendary fish. 

What Is a Stardew Valley Sewer Key and How Can You Obtain It?

Stardew valley sewer unlocks if you have the sewer key also known as the rusty key. It unlocks after donating 60 artifacts to the museum. The sewer can be accessed through the sewer cover south of Pelican Town or through the grates in the south of Cindersap Forest. 

  • Stardew valley rusty key is first referenced by Vincent and Jas in a cutscene in Cindersap forest.
  • The cutscene triggers after spring 11 of year 1. It can be accessed by entering the forest between 9 am and 4 pm on Monday, Thursday, or Sunday. 
  • If you have obtained it, you will find it in the wallet on the skills tab in the player’s menu. 


Who Is Stardew Valley Krobus? 

Stardew valley Krobus is the only friendly monster player that is located in the sewer. Krobus is generally a shadow person who lives in the sewers. Krobus sells a variety of rare goods that he sells every day, also including a special daily selection that rotates each weekday.


These goods are 

  • Void Eggs
  • Void Essence
  • Solar Essence
  • Sign Of The Vessel
  • Monster Fireplace
  • Slime (Monday)
  • Omni Geode (Tuesday)
  • Fish or Magnet (Wednesday)
  • Mixed Seeds (Thursday)
  • Iridium Sprinkler (Friday)
  • Cooked Dishes (Saturday)
  • Batwing (Sunday)
  • Stardrop (only one)
  • Crystal Floor Recipe (only one)
  • Wicked Statue Recipe (only one)
  • Return Scepter (only one)


About the Statue of Uncertainty Stardew Valley

The statute of uncertainty is one of the most unique and interesting features in the game. This statue allows you to change your profession after donating 10,000 gold. You just have to select the skill that you want to change. When you donate and go to bed, the game will show you two screens that ask you which level 5 and level 10 profession you want. 

309px-Statue_Of_Uncertainty (1)

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Requirements for Legendary Fish Stardew Valley 

A Mutant Carp is a legendary fish found in the sewers. There are five legendary fish, and mutant carps can be caught only in sewers. Here you can also catch White Algae, Trash, and Green Algae. You don’t need to meet any special requirements to unlock the mutant carp. There is a 10% chance to catch the mutant carp every time you fish in the sewer. It has a difficulty of 80 and can be found all year round.

Mutant carp

Stardew Valley fastest way to unlock sewer

A Stardew valley sewer is a place where you can find Krobus along with various late-game quests. If you are looking for a faster way of unlocking sewer then you have to get access to the desert, there you can find sandy selling Omni geodes on Wednesday which is a pretty quick way to unlock the sewer. If you don’t have access to the desert you can try lots of fishing then you can use the fish as an energy source for mining geodes.


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