Brief on Stardew Valley Woodskip

stardew valley woodskip

Stardew Valley is a game of endless possibilities, from mining, farming to fishing. If you like the part where you look for rare fishes at different places, then you will like to know about Stardew Valley Woodskip. Like other rare fishes, this fish can be caught during certain times of day or times of the … Read more

Brief on Void Salmon in Stardew Valley

void salmon

If you are hearing void salmon for the first time then don’t worry you are no stranger to this rare fish until you know where you can find it. Void salmon is generally found in the witch’s swamp filled with void energy. This will be an informative post about Stardew valley void salmon. What and … Read more

A Brief Guide to Stardew Valley Sewer


The Stardew valley sewer is located south of Pelican Town. The sewer is the locked location where you usually hear the ghost/whale noise. You can unlock the sewers by getting the sewer key that is known as the rusty key. The Rusty key is generally obtained from the museum curator who is Gunther. It also … Read more

A Guide to Stardew Valley Barn

stardew valley barn

If you are at the point of needing a barn, then you must be aware of owning animals and making a place for them to stay. A barn is a perfect place to shelter these animals. The benefit of having your barn is that if you keep on investing more resources in your barn then … Read more

How to Build Stardew Valley Scarecrow?


What is a Stardew Valley Scarecrow? Farming in Stardew valley is considered an essential source of income for players, which includes planting tons of different crops and growing them. To make sure your crops don’t get eaten by crows, you can craft scarecrows right from the first level of farming. If you have a doubt … Read more

How to attach bait in Stardew Valley

How to attach bait in stardew valley

If you are playing Stardew valley on a regular basis, then by now you must be aware of how important fishing is in the game. As a player, you get considerable leverage in-game from fishing. But this in-game activity can be a bit tricky. Finding Items in the Stardew valley is simple. But, if you … Read more